Distinguish the Facts Behind the Myths About Fluoride

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Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that is considered by many as a beneficial substance when it comes to protecting the teeth. Although there are people who agree, there are also those who find it harmful. Which one is true?


According to one study, fluoride can strengthen the bones to some degree. But its most notable contribution in dentistry is protecting the teeth against the formation of cavities. In fact, because of this fact, the said mineral is added on numerous toothpaste and mouthwash, added in public water supplies, and given to young children. Unfortunately, despite all these, many people are hesitant to take advantage of fluoride because of its supposed harmful effects. Since it is now easy to spread false rumors and for many to believe them, it is best to clear everything out. That said, we at Art Dentistry Center prepared a list of misconceptions and their corresponding facts for everyone to understand the importance of fluoride.

Fluoridated water does not have an impact on cavities

There are studies conducted both in the US and Europe that show fluoride as a mineral helps reduce cases of tooth decay for both children and adults.

Cases of autism can increase because of fluoride

Research and studies were conducted, but no evidence was found that points fluoride as a factor that increases the risk of autism.

It is costly for community use

The truth is, adding fluoride in the water supply is the least expensive way to prevent tooth decay. It is even more affordable than any other treatment offers for cavities.

Fluoride is added on community waters as medicine

The mineral used to fluoridate public water is not medicine. According to a court decision, it was ruled that fluoride is a form of nutrient.

The mineral is harmful to children

Fluoride can become detrimental to anyone if not used as intended. Besides, drinking fluoridated at a young age not only helps in strengthening children’s teeth but also helps them prevent cavities and tooth loss in the future.

Anyone who drinks fluoridated water can develop fluorosis

The occurrence of fluorosis is only possible if fluoride is taken at high amounts. Fluoride added to community waters is at a level that is less likely to cause fluorosis. Although there are a few cases reported, most are very mild.

Convinced that getting
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