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Have you always thought that your teeth are already white? But then, you were watching TV and saw someone sporting an even brighter smile. You may not be aware of this fact entirely, but there are actually several factors that can lead to teeth discoloration. It is possible that, without knowing, what you are doing or consuming is causing your smile to become dull over time.

For everyone to be aware of the precautions to take in keeping the teeth’s luster here is a list of cause and the perfect solution we at Art Dentistry Center prepared.

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Causes: Extrinsic Stains

Extrinsic stains happen on the enamel; some of the causes are:

Foods and drinks

Since the teeth have pores just like a sponge or the skin, anything consumed that can stain a white cloth can do so with the pearly-whites as well. That means the beverages you love like coffee, soda, and wine, and your favorite pasta and berries, are causing teeth stains.


We all know that smoking is not good for health and body. There is another reason why ditching this habit becomes beneficial for overall wellness. Aside from increasing a person’s risk of gum disease and oral cancer, the tar and nicotine on tobacco products can cause the teeth to become yellowish.

Acidic substances

Aside from the fact that acidic foods and liquids are usually dark in color, the erosion it causes to the enamel makes it vulnerable to the accumulation of stains.

Poor oral hygiene

Patients who do not observe the proper techniques when brushing, flossing, and rinsing, are more likely to have stained teeth since harmful substances can stay clinging on the enamel.

Causes: Intrinsic Stains

Intrinsic stains take place in the inner portion of the tooth, and the usual culprits are:

Treatments and medications

People who undergo chemotherapy and those who take medicines like antipsychotics, anti-allergies, as well as blood pressure medications can cause the teeth to discolor.

Too much fluoride

Although the said mineral is beneficial for the teeth, its overuse can cause white lines and brown spots to appear on the teeth.

Dental materials

There are actually dental treatments that can cause the teeth to darken over time. For example, the placement of the amalgam filling on a tooth. After some time, it may cause the teeth to have a dark shade.

After knowing all these, are you now dedicated to taking advantage of teeth whitening solutions to regain the brightness and healthy-looking glow of your smile? Do not settle for less! Instead of using over the counter whiteners or DIY kits, take advantage of professional teeth whitening! Out of all the methods available in the market today, the one that can provide safe, comfortable, effective, and favorable result is the one performed under the supervision of the dentist!

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