What to Expect Before and During Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

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Wisdom teeth or third molars are the teeth found at the farthest end of the dental arches. They are the last set of permanent teeth to erupt and usually occurs during young adulthood. All in all, there are four wisdom molars, two on the upper jaw and another two on the lower jaw. For it to normally erupt, there must be sufficient growth at the back of the jaws to accommodate these teeth. However, there are certain cases where wisdom teeth fail to erupt. Wisdom teeth extraction is needed to prevent or stop the pain, infection, and other dental problems.

Wisdom tooth extraction is a surgical procedure done to remove one or more wisdom teeth. Dentists and oral surgeons recommend wisdom tooth extraction to prevent potential future dental problems.

girl wisdom tooth removal

When is wisdom tooth needs to be removed?

  • When the tooth is impacted. Since wisdom teeth are found at the farthest end of the dental arches, it is possible that they may not come out normally. They can be trapped in the jawbone and gums, which can be painful.
  • They come out at the wrong angle. There are certain cases where a wisdom tooth comes out at the wrong angle and may press against the other teeth.
  • The mouth is not big enough. This means that the jaw doesn’t have enough room for an extra set of molars.
  • You have cavities or gum disease. It is difficult to reach wisdom teeth with a toothbrush and dental floss. This can lead to the development of cavities and worse, gum disease.

What to expect before surgery?

Before undergoing a wisdom tooth extraction, the patient should meet with the dentist or oral surgeon to discuss the process. During the appointment, the patient should make sure to:

  • Talk to the dentist or oral surgeon about any health problems.
  • List any medications they take regularly.
  • Ask any questions about the surgery.
  • Discuss what type of anesthesia the patient wishes to have. They can either be numb or asleep during the surgery.
  • Plan time off from work, school to have the surgery and rest afterward at home.

What to expect during the surgery?

During the surgery, the patient can either be under one of these anesthesias to alleviate pain:

  • Local. The mouth will be numbed with a shot of novocaine in the gums. The patient may also breathe in nitrous oxide or laughing gas to help them relax during the surgery. They will feel alert again once the novocaine or laughing gas wears off.
  • IV sedation. The dentist or oral surgeon will numb the mouth and will also administer the anesthetic through the patient’s vein in the arm to make them drowsy. The patient might sleep during the whole procedure.
  • General. The anesthetic can either be administered through a vein or breathe in gas through a mask. The patient is unconscious or asleep during the whole time and might not wake up for a few hours until the medication has subsided.

The dentist or oral surgeon will make an incision in the gum line to expose the tooth and underlying bone area. Bones that blocks the tooth will be removed before the tooth is divided into sections to remove it easily. The dentist or oral surgeon will then remove the tooth and clears away any remaining debris from around the gum line or the bone. The wound will then be stitched up, and gauze will be put over the affected area to control the bleeding and help in forming a clot.

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